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We carry a full line of paints, additives, and coatings to make your scenery look great and be safe.  If you have questions about applications, directions, and proper usage please don't hesitate to call our experienced sales staff at any of our three locations.


Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc. 

Saturated Paints & Specialty Coatings

One paint does it all! - Deep Opaque colors or thinned for dye-like glazes. Theatre, Video, Television, Film , Museum, Exhibit, Display, Fine Art, Commercial/Industrial, Hobby and Craft applications.

Sculptural Arts Plastic Varnish is a high quality water-based, non-toxic, fast drying Sealer/clearcoating for all types of porous and non-porous surfaces. Its superior adhesion makes it an excellent binder/extender for mixing water base pigments, paints and dyes.

Foam Coating - Sculpt or Coat creates a protective tough coating that stops breakage, keeps pieces from drying out and prevents solvent based paints & spray paints from eating away foam.

Off Broadway Rosco's most popular vinyl-acrylic scene paint is available in a complete range of theatrical colors for painting virtually any backdrop or scenic element.
Iddings Deep Colors The highest quality traditional casein based scenic paint available.
Acrylic Glazes Use these clear acrylic mediums as a protective topcoat to a painted surface or mixed directly into paint for additional binder strength.
Supersaturated Roscopaints A highly concentrated acrylic scenic paint that can be used to create the widest variety of scenic effects. Use diluted as much as 15:1 for brilliant dye-like results.

Supersaturated Bases

Neutral colors of Rosco's proven Supersaturated Paints. Availalbe in 5 gallon and gallon units. Colors available: Netural, White and Velour Black.

UV Sensitive

Paints for use with under blacklights
Vivid FX A high quality special effects paint that combines brilliant fluorescence, and one coat coverage and opacity into one remarkable paint formulation.
ColorCoat A durrable water borne acrylic enamel that has interior and exterior durability.
Colorine Transparent coloring medium for coating low wattage bulbs. Not for permanent or long-term applications.


Professional quality scenic bruses

Sample Kits

Great as test kit or for personal use, makes a great gift.

Scenic Coatings


Flame Retardants

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