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Pro Gaff Tape

Premium vinyl cloth tape. Engineered for use in the most demanding applications, such as securing and holding lights, stage and set decoration, spiking, and color-coding. Water resistant, high temperature and weather resistant. Removes cleanly from most surfaces. Stocked in 15 beautiful colors! Regular colors are 2" X 60 yards, fluorescent colors are 2" X 50 yards and black is also available in 1", 3" and 4" X 60 yards.


Catalog Number

Standard Colors

Black 2" / GSL#6090011 Black 1" / GSL# 6090041
Black 3" / GSL#6090021 Black 4" / GSL#6090031
Brown 2" / GSL#6090012 Burgandy 2" / GSL#6090013
Green 2" / GSL#6090014 Grey 2" / GSL#6090015
Lt Blue 2" / GSL#6090016 Purple 2" / GSL#6090017
Red 2" / GSL#6090018 White 2" / GSL#6090019
Yellow 2" / GSL#6090010  
Fluorescent Colors  
Yellow 2" / GSL#6090104 Green 2" / GSL#6090101
Orange 2" / GSL#6090102 Pink 2" / GSL#6090103
Gaff Spike Tape

Features a high performance adhesive system. Spike tape is highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Waterproof and abrasion resistant, Spike tape is used to mark stages for actors, directional signal for dark stages, and color-coding. All spike tapes are 1/2" X 45 yards. Available in 12 colors!


Catalog Number

Standard Colors

Black / GSL#6090051 Light Blue/ GSL#6090056
Brown / GSL#6090052 Green / GSL#6090054
Grey / GSL#6090055 Red / GSL#6090058
White / GSL#6090059 Yellow / GSL#6090050
Fluorscent Colors  
Yellow / GSL#6090154 Pink / GSL# 6090153
Green / GSL#6090151 Orange / GSL#6090152
Cable Path

Zone Coated gaffer tape. This unique product is designed to make the advancement of cable a breeze. With our Pro Gaffer adhesive coated on the sides and a zone with no adhesive down the middle, you know it will stay down, and come up clean. Available in yellow, black, and yellow printed.


Catalog Number
Yellow 6" / GSL#6091169 Black 6" / GSL#6091161
Striped 6" / GLS#6091160 Black 4" / GSL#6091131
Electrical Tape

A premium, all weather multi-purpose electrical tape. Designed for color-coding, phase insulation, identifying motor leads, cable systems insulation splices & termination's, and harnessing. Resistant to UV rays, Moisture, solvents, alkalis and abrasion.


Catalog Number
Black / GSL#6090601 Blue / GSL#6090602
Green / GSL#6090604 Grey / GSL#6090605
Orange / GSL#6090606 Red / GSL#6090607
White / GSL#6090608  
Glo Tape

Soft vinyl phosphorescent tape. Glows vividly in the dark. Used to mark panels, light switches, and other dark areas in theaters and back stage. Printable and die cutable. Light energy absorbing, no radiation hazards. 1" X 10 yards


Catalog Number
1" Glo Tape/ GSL#6090301  
Other tapes

Board Tape - Perfect for marking your consoles without leaving residue


Dance Floor Tapes - Specially designed vinyl tapes for seaming dance floor; available in white, black, grey and clear

Gel Tape - Clear tape for splicing gels and gel strings GSL#6090401
Mylar Tape - Silver tape for high heat areas such as gobos GSL#6091211
Double Stick - Strong adhesive on both sides GSL#6090420
Pro Hilite Tape - Colorful fluorscent paper tape available in green, blue, and pink GSL#609017*

Duve-Pro - Adhesive backed Duvetyn, available in varying widths

Velcro Hook - 1" X 25 yards adhesive backed GSL#6090711
Velcro Loop - 1" X 25 yards adhesive backed GSL#6090712
Velcro Hook - 2 " X 25 yards adhesive backed GSL#6090721
Velcro Loop - 2 " X 25 yards adhesive backed GSL#6090722
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