Custom gobos are a great way to personalize your event or production. If you are looking for a quote or to place a custom gobo order, please give us a call at 312-332-5611 or email [email protected]

Below are resources on choosing the perfect custom gobo for you. While gobos are available in a variety of sizes, A and B are the most commonly used.


Apollo manufactures a variety of gobos to fit every budget and lighting design application - architectural, themed environment and entertainment/theater. Apollo gobo life ranges from approximately 70-400+ hours. 

Metal. Apollo's black and white Metal Gobos are rated for 100+ hours and are made from 8 mils stainless steel. Adding a filter for color is always an option. 

PrintScenic® Plastic and PrintScenic® Glass. Printed gobos are available in color, gradients of color, black and white and grayscale. PrintScenic® Plastic Gobos have a life expectancy of 70-80 hours, and PrintScenic® Glass gobos 300-400 hours. PLEASE NOTE: Plastic gobos are for use in approved LED fixtures only. Click here for the list. 

SuperResolution® Glass. Photograph and graphics are laser-etched in black and white, and grayscale, on our SuperResolution® line of gobos. Life expectancy is 400+ hours. 

1-Color Glass. Apollo's 1-Color Gobos are available in color and gradients of color. It also has a life range of 400+ hours. 

2-Color Glass. 2-Color Gobos are available in color and gradients of color and have a life expectancy of 400+ hours. Please note that black is a color. 

ColourScenic® Glass. Manufactured in color and color gradients on glass. ColourScenic® is Apollo's top of the line gobo. It's rated for 400+ hours. 


Custom Steel Gobos. The most popular and affordable way to project a custom image at an event or production. 

Custom Glass Gobos. A superior, heat-resistant solution for projecting artwork with grey-scale elements or signature colors. 

Custom Plastic. An affordable option for projecting full color artwork - available as iPro Slides or Cool Ink plastic gobos. 

For more information on ordering Rosco custom gobos, check out the Guidelines for Your Custom Gobo Order and Standard Gobo Sizes. 
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