ETC Consoles and Microsoft - What You Need To Know

Not to fear – if it is working now and working fine there is nothing to worry about. There is a misconception out there that since Microsoft is no longer supporting XP or Windows 7, your console needs an upgrade to Windows 7 Embedded Standard. This is not something that is necessary unless your console has become problematic or troublesome. If you are experiencing problems, please contact the Grand Stage Service Department and we will be more than happy to work with you to solve your issues.

If you are interested in the Windows 7 Embedded Standard Upgrade, the following is some detailed information.


What is this upgrade?

An upgrade to Windows® 7 Embedded Standard, which includes a new hardware (motherboard, solid state drive, etc…) for some consoles in the Eos, Congo, and Cobalt family. Compatibility information is listed below.


Note that if you have an older Universal Fader Wing or Congo/Cobalt Master Playback Wing (without an orange USB connector on the back), your fader wing setup may change. Specifically, you would need to follow the connection guidelines for a USB 2.0 console listed in the Fader Wing Setup guide. The fader wing cannot be docked directly, and instead would need to be run with a separate USB cable to the console or pass through a USB 1.1 hub. 

Fader wings with orange USB connectors (USB 2.0 compatible) can continue to be used as-is, without a USB Hub.

Older fader wings may be upgraded to USB 2.0 to avoid the need for a USB hub.

1 x 20 Universal Fader Wings cannot be upgraded, and should not need an upgrade as they cannot be docked.

How it happens

Contact the Grand Stage Service Department and have the serial numbers and part numbers of your console and any fader wings handy so that we can help you verify eligibility. We will then arrange for your console(s) to be sent in on a repair order (RMA).


In addition to a new solid state drive, this change will allow upgraded consoles to use a wider variety of touch screens.

Differences Between "Upgrade" and "Rebuild"

Windows 7 upgrades require ETC to replace the motherboard, solid state drive, etc., whereas Windows 7 Rebuilds require ETC to replace not only the motherboard, solid state drive, etc., but the face panel and other internal components must be rebuilt or replaced to support the Windows 7-compatible hardware. Windows 7 Rebuilds are offered at a higher cost than the Windows 7 Upgrade due to the extra components that must be replaced. Contact Grand Stage and we can get the costs based on your console.

What is Eligible

The following consoles are eligible for an upgrade. If your console is not listed in the tables below, it is not eligible for an upgrade.

NOTE: All Eos Ti, Gio@5, and Gio consoles are already running Windows 7 Embedded operating system.


• All Element consoles are eligible.


• Ion consoles manufactured after July 24, 2009 

are eligible for the Windows 7 Upgrade. 

• Ion consoles manufactured before July 24, 2009 

are eligible for the Windows 7 Rebuild.


• Congo Jr consoles manufactured after July 24, 2009

are eligible for the Windows 7 Upgrade.

• Congo Jr consoles manufactured before July 24, 2009

are eligible for the Windows 7 Rebuild.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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