Lamps in the USA are usually referred to by their three letter ANSI code and their wattage. Most manufacturers recommend a specific lamp for their fixtures. If you are unsure what kind of fixture you have or need help determining what lamp is appropriate for your needs, please give us a call. 

To determine the type of lamp you need, we will most likely need to know what type of base the lamp has and what the general shape of the lamp is. Does the lamp look like an old car headlight? Does the envelope (glass)  look a tube or a globe? Is it clear or frosted glass? What does the fixture look like and what is the lamps burn direction (how does it sit in the fixture). The more information you can give us the faster we can help you. 

Many of the older incandescent lamps are being replaced with newer, more energy efficient quartz lamps and the older lamps are being phased out. This may mean some older styles of lamps are no longer available. We apologize for this inconvenience and will recommend the quartz replacement when appropriate.

We are proud to carry lamps from GE, Osram-Sylvania, Philips, Thorn and Ushio and would be happy to supply any lamp by the manufacturer of your choice. We attempt to find the lowest priced lamps for each category to pass the savings onto you, however we also try to provide the highest quality lamps taking into consideration average life, color temperature. and quality in addition to price.

It is also important to remember not to exceed the manufacturers specified wattage for the fixture. Using a 1kW lamp when the fixture is only rated for 750 Watts is not only unsafe and a potential fire hazard, it also reduces the expected life of the lamp and fixture as well as invalidating the manufacturers warranty including any UL listing the fixture may have.

Below is a diagram of common lamp bases, to further help with identifying your lamp. 

We also offer replacement sockets, reflectors and ballasts for most fixtures in the entertainment industry.  If you are unsure of the specific socket you need, please give us a call and we will help you in your selection.  We regret that several manufacturers have discontinued some of their fixture lines, and the sockets may no longer be available.

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