1. What is your budget? It helps to have an idea or what you can spend. Don't be discouraged if the price you are quoted is more than you can spend. Our staff is willing to work with you to provide an affordable system that meets your needs.

2. Where are you using the equipment? Make sure you know the power requirements or the equipment, and the power availability of the venue.

3. Do you have a floor plan or design plot? The more information you can provide, the easier and faster we can serve you. If you are able to provide us floor plans or a lighting plot, which notes locations of power, obstructions, seating, etc... We can design you an appropriate package.

4. Do you know the equipment? Make sure you give yourself enough time to pick-up, set up, and familiarize yourself with the equipment. Yes it may mean spending a little more money, but in the long run it saves headaches. When you allow yourself a few extra days, especially if you do not use lighting equipment on a regular basis, you can prevent any last minute with faulty fixtures or inadequate of equipment.

5. Do you need help? Never fail to ask questions! We offer training on all equipment we rent and sell, you should never feel uncomfortable with the equipment you need for your show. If there are any problems with the equipment you must notify the location you rented from immediately.  If it is after hours please leave us a message and we will get back to you first thing at our next regular operating hours. If you feel you need more assistance, Grand Stage would be happy to talk with you about providing a Lead Technician for your event.
All equipment is offered for inspection, training in usage of, and testing at the location of pick up. We encourage you to take advantage of this courtesy. Grand Stage will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any claims or liabilities resulting from the use or possession of any equipment rented from us. We will, upon request, assist you in loading equipment into your vehicle, however we are not responsible for any damages. The customer's signature on the rental contract is their assumption of responsibility for all items listed on said contract.

Our equipment is rented without guarantee or warranty of suitability for any purpose other than manufacturers stated use.  In the event of equipment malfunction, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately, contact your location of rental. Renter is responsible for items from the time they leave our shop until they are returned, and as such is liable for full replacement value and lost rental fees until missing items are replaced. All cables must be returned in a neat coiled condition or you will be assessed charges for recoiling with a minimum one half hour rate.

Customer must have personal identification with a photo ID in order pick up materials. All items are subject to local transaction and use taxes unless specifically excluded by letter with copy on file in our Chicago office. We cannot refund taxes after a rental has taken place. All tax exemption must be on file before you pick up your materials.

All equipment is rented on a first come, first serve basis. Phone reservations are accepted with a major credit card. Customers must pay rental fees in advance to guarantee equipment availability. 

All rentals must be paid for in full before materials leave our shop, unless a prior credit account has been established and is in good standing.  Please be aware in seeking to establish a business account to allow a minimum of two weeks to process your application.  Non-account payments may be made by Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express cash, or by checks meeting requirements of Telecheck (call for additional details on payment by check).

In addition to rental fees, there is a minimum $100.00 security deposit for non-account based customers. Based upon value of materials rented, we reserve the right to increase this amount. The deposit is due at the same time as the rental fees. Personal checks are not accepted for deposits.  Business checks, if used, must be written on two separate checks - one for payment of rental fees, the other for the security deposit.

Your rental period begins when you request the materials to be ready and ends when the materials are returned to our shop. Delays in picking materials up from our shop will not reduce rental fees.  Materials not returned as agreed in the rental contract will be charged additional fees regardless of published rates. All rentals are due back in our shop by noon on the agreed date, unless prior arrangements have been made. Late returns are assessed a $20.00 late fee and additional rental fees as applicable.

All items are quoted with the understanding that you pick up and return items to our rental shop (Will-Call). Grand Stage can provide delivery and pick up for additional charges. These charges are based upon size of order and distance from our shop. We will be happy to offer quotes based upon your needs. All items must be paid for in full, including deposit, prior to materials leaving our shop. These services do not include load in or set up. Rates quoted are for tail gate delivery only. Renter is responsible for assisting in unloading and or loading materials onto our truck. On site delays caused by lack of assistance, or in locating materials will be charged in half hour rates to the renter.

Chicago Spotlight will provide a reasonable amount of spare lamps for rental fixtures with some exceptions. Spare lamps are listed on your rental contract and must be returned including all burned out lamps. The renter will be charged prevailing rates for lamps which are not returned.

For more information, email [email protected] or give us a call at 312-332-5611. 

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