A photo of rigging hoists in a theatre.

Grand Stage Company and Art Drapery Studios have been an industry leader in the design and installation of theatrical, studio and entertainment equipment in Chicago and throughout the Midwest for over 60 years. Our project capabilities range from dead hung track installations and conventional manual counterweight systems to complex and unique systems of motorized rigging for all types and sizes of stage and studio scenery, lighting and audio equipment. 

From the early days of hemp and sand bag rigging as well as modern counterweight systems, the safety of the actors onstage have always been very dependent upon the skill and experience of the stage riggers and backstage workers. Over the years, Art Drapery Studios has been a pioneer in the development and application of safety appliances and practices for this inherently dangerous job of lifting equipment and scenery over the heads of performers. 

Our restrictive rope locks, box arbors and motorized out-of-balance assist systems have made our counterweight stage installations a safer workplace for students, professionals and volunteers. Our advanced motorized hoisting systems feature microprocessor controls, overload sensors, slack line detection, overspeed brakes, and many other advantages that provide the utmost safety - regardless of the skill and experience of the operator. 

Because our business is based upon service to the end user, our goal during any design and construction process is to help the owner discover the best balance between their specific needs and the reality of physical constraints and budget limitations. Our experience as suppliers and contractors assures our ability to accurately project real costs and offer viable alternatives during the design process. 

Grand Stage recommends developing regular stage and curtain safety inspections. Please call us to speak with your Grand Stage representative for more information about formulating a safety inspection schedule for your space. 

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