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Theatrical and entertainment lighting installations have represented the core of our business since 1947. We have provided countless performance lighting fixtures and control system installations across the country in schools, theatres, churches, arenas, and television studios. Our experienced team of lighting systems designers, integrators, and technicians stand ready to assist you with the planning, budgeting, and execution of any size or kind of performance lighting project.

We can provide comprehensive specifications for architects and engineers planning new construction or renovations of school buildings, entertainment venues, houses of worship, video production studios, hotels, and other commercial facilities.  We can help you add a few more lights to your storefront theatre space, too. We have extensive experience in renovation projects, including conversion of older studios and stages from conventional incandescent lighting to modern LED lighting equipment.

In addition to performance and assembly spaces, Grand Stage Company also has extensive experience in the design and execution of architectural lighting in indoor and outdoor public spaces, museums, commercial buildings, and office spaces. Our systems designers and integrators have brought our theatrical lighting tools and expertise to control and enhance museum displays, pieces of visual art, and building architectural features both indoors and out. With architectural lighting control systems designed to enhance energy efficiency, we can blend features such as occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting with our theatrical lighting control expertise to achieve a single integrated control system for an entire facility.

Discover how we can help you meet your performance lighting needs. Call us to speak to a Grand Stage lighting systems integrator to discuss your challenges, and we will help you find the best solutions.


Art Drapery Studios at Grand Stage has been installing quality blinds, shades and draperies for over 90 years. We have provided blinds and shades for single office buildings and entire city wide school districts. Our in house theatrical drapery sewing shop has produced custom works for places of worship, historical renovations, schools, restaurants and sporting arenas. Please review our support article on how to describe and measure a stage drapery for more terminology and names. We prefer to work with the specifying agent to develop custom tailored designs to best meet the budget and anticipated usage of space.

In addition to our custom draperies we offer a small selection of drapes available for "quick ship." Quick Ship drapes usually ship within 7 business days of order and come in 20 oz. black velour with industry standard 50% fullness and chain bottom. Please call our office for more information.

Check out the resources below for more information:

Owners manual for curtain and track systems

Track selector


Grand Stage Company and Art Drapery Studios have been an industry leader in the design and installation of theatrical, studio and entertainment equipment in Chicago and throughout the Midwest for over 60 years. Our project capabilities range from dead hung track installations and conventional manual counterweight systems to complex and unique systems of motorized rigging for all types and sizes of stage and studio scenery, lighting and audio equipment. 

From the early days of hemp and sand bag rigging as well as modern counterweight systems, the safety of the actors onstage have always been very dependent upon the skill and experience of the stage riggers and backstage workers. Over the years, Art Drapery Studios has been a pioneer in the development and application of safety appliances and practices for this inherently dangerous job of lifting equipment and scenery over the heads of performers. 

Our restrictive rope locks, box arbors and motorized out-of-balance assist systems have made our counterweight stage installations a safer workplace for students, professionals and volunteers. Our advanced motorized hoisting systems feature microprocessor controls, overload sensors, slack line detection, overspeed brakes, and many other advantages that provide the utmost safety - regardless of the skill and experience of the operator. 

Because our business is based upon service to the end user, our goal during any design and construction process is to help the owner discover the best balance between their specific needs and the reality of physical constraints and budget limitations. Our experience as suppliers and contractors assures our ability to accurately project real costs and offer viable alternatives during the design process. 

Grand Stage recommends developing regular stage and curtain safety inspections. Please call us to speak with your Grand Stage representative for more information about formulating a safety inspection schedule for your space. 

Custom Manufacturing

Need something a little more specific? Our metal and sewing shops have been responsible for the creation of specialized scenery and custom track systems, as well as theatrical supplies and materials. We even offer in-house silkscreen printing services! Call us and let's talk about your project! Our Knox Avenue location houses a large workshop with qualified craftsmen, meaning your options are endless.

We'd love to hear your ideas - nothing is too outside of the box! 

Repair Shop

Are your fixtures, dimmers or control consoles not working properly? Bring them in! Our expert staff can take a look and tell you how we can help!  A $95.00 evaluation fee is charged for each repair. Please note we are unable to provide repairs for stage drapery. 

Inspections and Onsite Services


Have one of our staff members inspect your theatre systems to ensure everything is operating safely and efficiently. Annual safety inspections are recommended for all rigging and lighting systems.  

System Commissioning 

Grand Stage is here to start-up and energize your new lighting control system or theatrical rigging system.  

Preventative Maintenance 

From cleaning your dimmer rack and updating your lighting software to repairs of your manual or automated rigging system, we can help you avoid problems before they arise. 


Workshops Theatrical Skills Workshops presented by Grand Stage are intended to educate the participants through exposure to new and changing equipment, introducing and reinforcing best practices, and promoting industry networking and camaraderie. Our presenters include experienced professionals and educators that bring a depth of knowledge to the field, practicing their craft extensively. The workshops feature hands-on activities, Q&A sessions and a certificate of completion for participants. Topics include console training, stage rigging and more! Learn more and register here!

Individual Training If you or your staff need training on a specific piece of equipment, give us a call! We would be happy to teach you everything you need to know to put on a successful production.

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