A row of PAR fixtures hung on a pipe.

Theatrical and entertainment lighting installations have represented the core of our business since 1947. We have provided countless performance lighting fixtures and control system installations across the country in schools, theatres, churches, arenas, and television studios. Our experienced team of lighting systems designers, integrators, and technicians stand ready to assist you with the planning, budgeting, and execution of any size or kind of performance lighting project.

We can provide comprehensive specifications for architects and engineers planning new construction or renovations of school buildings, entertainment venues, houses of worship, video production studios, hotels, and other commercial facilities.  We can help you add a few more lights to your storefront theatre space, too. We have extensive experience in renovation projects, including conversion of older studios and stages from conventional incandescent lighting to modern LED lighting equipment.

In addition to performance and assembly spaces, Grand Stage Company also has extensive experience in the design and execution of architectural lighting in indoor and outdoor public spaces, museums, commercial buildings, and office spaces. Our systems designers and integrators have brought our theatrical lighting tools and expertise to control and enhance museum displays, pieces of visual art, and building architectural features both indoors and out. With architectural lighting control systems designed to enhance energy efficiency, we can blend features such as occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting with our theatrical lighting control expertise to achieve a single integrated control system for an entire facility.

Discover how we can help you meet your performance lighting needs. Call us to speak to a Grand Stage lighting systems integrator to discuss your challenges, and we will help you find the best solutions.

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